Gabriel Castillo
PT, SC, SNS Certified

I enjoy watching each one of my clients progress and achieve their goals and I treat their results as if they were my own. I became a certified personal trainer in 2013 and for the first two years, I focused on personal training but my ambition to learn and grow soon took me to my second license  – Sports Nutrition Specialist. When I discovered there was much more to learn, I decided to become a certified strength coach and now find myself teaching people how to improve their lifestyle.

I chose this path because I believe that with every person I help, I’m helping the world become a better place.

The passion I have for improving my mental and physical condition makes my energy levels explode. Each day, I start my morning jog towards my life goals. I focus my strength on running as fast as I can to reach my dreams. I always keep in mind that I have to reserve strength for when the road gets more difficult, to have the ability to push harder, breaking any barriers that I find along the way. This increases the resistance of my heart, like the roar of a thousand lions, striking terror agains all one’s fears. All this – to achieve my dream of being able to inspire a thousand people every time my heart beats like the roar of a thousand lions.

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